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Why Buy This Product?

Safe on all wheel finishes - chrome, polished or painted
Easy to apply
Out performs, out lasts and outshines all other wheel care products
Cleans, polishes, shines & protects
Creates a protective barrier against brake dust
Extends the life of your wheels

Wheel Guard Rim & Wheel Sealant

  • How it Works
    More than any wax or sealant, Chemical Guys Wheel Guard combines the latest innovations in molecular chemistry to deliver a protective coating that will out-last, out-perform and outshine any wheel product on the market today while offering the toughest barrier against the elements. Wheel Guard is formulated to safely and effortlessly clean, shine, protect and prolong all types of wheels and wheel finishes. Wheel Guard delivers a high-gloss durable wet shine finish on all chrome, aluminum, stainless, powder-coated and even painted wheels.
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